Junes Journey Hack

Junes Journey Hack – Easiest Way To Cheat Diamonds

Movies about hidden treasure are fun to watch, and they can easily drag your attention. Similarly, smartphone games are getting better, and they are a lot more eye-catchy than AAA titles.

June’s Journey, a mobile title in adventure genre from Wooga, has all the quirky and remarkable features that can make you feel in love with the gameplay. It is one of the unique games after a long time that is all about completing quests.

This game is developed with such high detailing that you can’t figure out objects that easily. You need to be focused on. As the gameplay is this much intense like a quicksand, there are millions of download hits on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.



All the gamers love Junes Journey Mod Apk because of unique gameplay, and if you are also drowning in this intense game, then there are some basic tips to enhance the gameplay and help.

Junes Journey Hack

Let’s have a look at some of the important tips which can enhance the overall progression and make you an advanced gamer with ease –

  1. Stepping Back Feels Hard

While progressing through the levels and figuring out the hidden treasure, taking a back step seems like one of the hardest things. After hours of effort, you found something, and if someone asks you to go back here, then it will seem like one of the hardest things.

No doubt that such games are full of hidden things, and they can make you feel confused. To take your quest in the wrong direction, developers did a great job adding things that make you feel hard to progress. There are some restrictions that are causing such issues.

Instead of focusing too much on one thing, you should go back. This will take a little time, but you can do it and look after the other things.

  1. Don’t Stuck

The common reason that can make you might get stuck in a level is, you are not thinking outside the box. It is one of the hardest things that you might have to face in this game. The common option to get outside the box by stop thinking about what is triggering you the most.

Once you start thinking about stuff that is not causing you trouble, then you will find a new clue. On the other hand, it is a lot more dependent on your eyes because it let you know whether you can find it out or not. Still, we suggest you to have an eagle eye view.

After getting a clear view, don’t tap on anything, just think that what is the possibility of other things going around. This enhances the chances of taking the wrong move, but if you think, then you can avoid bad stuff in several ways. That’s why most of the gamers are relying on it.

  1. Try to Complete Early

There are many ways to earn currencies in this game, and one of the easy options is to complete a mystery as early as you can. This helps you earn coins, and it is the primary currency, so you must pay proper attention to the earning amount.

Once you earn coins, you can increase the earning by using it in the right places. There is the stuff that you can get like pink flowers. They are reliable to get diamonds. No doubt, diamond is the premium currency in this game, and you should try to spend most of the time getting it.

Once you get enough resources, you can progress effectively. But, if you are not getting a genuine amount, then Junes Journey cheats seem like the best alternative. This can enhance the overall earning amount, that’s why you can consider it.

Apparently, the last option to earn coin and diamond is the in-app purchases option. This method can cost you a big amount, that’s why you should try to avoid such methods. Chances of facing issues increases with such options.

  1. Check Décor To Solve Mystery

To complete a quest as early as possible, you need to look after some common detailing which is easy to miss. When you are paying too much attention, going over the common hint is possible, but if you think out of the box, then you do a few things.

The primary thing is, you can look at décor and detailing. They are easy to notice, and you can easily find hints. Décor around the frames, in furniture and around the displays, there are many things. When you are exploring them, it seems like an easy thing.

Nitpicking is essential in this game, and once you get such habits, you are able to solve mysteries in less time. The better solution would be you find things which are fitting the best with the current scene or scenario.

  1. When You Doubt, You Must Tap Around

It would be better if you doubt and screen for more details around the same place. Once you find something, you are almost close, but you don’t know that where to tap. We will say that you can tap around, and this seems like an easier choice.

Keep hitting stuff that is more likely to be matching with the décor. All the decorative items are not hints, but if they are shiny and engraved a little, they are most likely to have something of your use.

Keep on solving mysteries will earn you coin, and this is an easier choice to progress at a faster rate and become an advanced gamer. Make sure that you spend your time wisely and try changing the phone’s brightness to get more hints.


Following the mentioned five tips would enhance the chances of winning and scoring higher points. This game requires you to think out of the box, which might be time-consuming in the beginning, but you can easily do it for sure. Hope, this guide will help you progress faster. You can use the Junes Journey mod apk to get several advantages.

Junes Journey Hack


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